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Source:2014 Journal Citation Reports® (Thomson Reuters, 2015)

Modification of Magnitude Estimations in Thermotactile Perception during Self-Generated and Externally Generated Movements

  1. George H VanDoorn
  2. Barry L Richardson
  3. Dianne B Wuillemin
  4. Mark A Symmons
  1. Cognitive Science, School of Humanities Communications and Social Sciences, Monash University, Gippsland Campus, Churchill, VIC 3842, Australia
  1. e-mail: george.vandoorn{at}arts.monash.edu.au


Fourteen participants felt a ‘cold’ stimulus move across a fingertip. When movement was self-controlled, the stimulus was reported as feeling less ‘cold’ than when movement was externally generated.

  • Received May 4, 2004.
  • Revision received August 10, 2004.
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